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ProThink  Knowledge Bank

ProThink® Knowledge Bank is set up to serve cricket players of all age groups and skills ability.


There is an increasing focus on fast-paced cricket with test matches producing results in well under four days and the T20 & T10 leagues embracing speed and innovation across all facets of the game.

But it's been proven time and time again that players with stronger technical background adapt to both slow and fast paced cricket better than those who don't. The technical prowess also helps improve player's Mental Toughness and Resilience. 

The Knowledge Bank is run by Sid Godbole - Founder of ProThink® and a former First Class & County cricket player. Sid is an ECB accredited experienced Cricket Coach since 2013 and a Lean 6σ Process Improvement expert in Sports and for Businesses.

The Knowledge Bank membership:

Gives members access to Advice, Guidance, Tips, Quizzes and Q&A in Cricket on - 

  • Technical development

  • Tactical awareness

  • Resilience and Mental Toughness

It saves 25% on One-to-One coaching and 50% on ProThink® Performance Analysis and Improvement Programme.

We want to make the Knowledge Bank accessible to players irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds, country of residence or preferred language. The multi-lingual Knowledge Bank's life time membership is hence operated on a participative membership model and is a minimum £4.99. Members can join for free and can contribute on a pay-as-you-want principle based on the value of the knowledge, advice and guidance they perceive.


Knowledge Bank improves player's skills-capability across all aspects of the game:

Technical Development

Psychological Focus & Resilience

Tactical Awareness

Quiz - Critical & Analytical Thinking

Cricket Leadership

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