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Performance Analysis & Improvement 


  • Analysis of Batting, Bowling and Wicket Keeping skills

  • Assessment through videos and skills-process examination

  • To help players perform better, achieve goals, score runs, take wickets & affect dismissals

  • From Beginners to Advanced skill set players and academies

  • Run by Sid Godbole - Founder of ProThink® and a former First Class & County cricket player. Sid is an ECB accredited experienced Cricket Coach since 2013 and a Lean 6σ Process Improvement expert in Sports and for Businesses

Programme Process and Benefits

  • Record with your mobile / camera positioned behind the bowler for Batting, Bowling and Wicket Keeping

  • For Bowling & Wicket Keeping – record each video from the Bowler’s first step until the end of that ball

  • For Batting – As above or a throw-down or a bowling machine

  • Share up to 15 videos for a skill with each video about 10-15 seconds and we will do the rest!

  • You will have a (1) Detailed analysis of cricket skills to improve performance at your fingertips, (2) IDP (Individual Development Plan) on areas of improvement, (3) Player / parent call post-analysis and can use our programme for practice sessions and matches

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