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Coaching & Advisory

Cricket Coaching

Group and 1-2-1 coaching for Juniors (age 8 to 17) and Adults as a Head Coach and a specialist coach. Coaching since 2013 and mentoring players in UK and Asia

Skills Infrastructure Advisory

Our proven formula for the grass-root level game development helps clubs and academies with a sound skills-infrastructure. We help clubs strengthen 5 key areas of that infrastructure - (1) Team Management, (2) Age-group Leadership, (3) Coaching Methodology, (4) Player performance framework and (5) Resilience & Mental Toughness of players

Skills Development Roadmap (SDR)

Our SDR helps cricket clubs & academies in 4 ways - it (1) Standardises session-plans across multiple coaches for consistency, (2) Players with different abilities learn at pace they can manage, (3) Players understand the length & the breadth of skill-set they can improve and own their development and (4) Parents are kept in the loop with their child's development  

Skills Execution Roadmap (SER)

Our SER approach helps coaches and team leaders assess skills execution capability of players in real time and employ a measured approach in selecting & preparing teams for the season

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

We develop IDP for players across all age groups and players get a schedule to hone their skills and to improve performance

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