ProThink  12-month Analytics Programme

  • ProThink® Analytics Programme improves Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Wicket-keeping through Technology & Scientific Approach!

  • The programme is for players - (1) Over 13-years old and (2) Year-round support to improve Mental Toughness, Skills and Match Performance. 


  • Cricket Player:

    • Joins the12-month programme

    • Downloads ProThink® App

    • Receives ProThink® onboarding support from Sid

    • Sends skills-videos for core analysis to finalise base skill-level and area of improvement

    • Sets ProThink® Action Plan for Physical, Psychological, Technical and Tactical improvement

    • Receives ProThink® Action Plan support & encouragement from Sid

    • Works on reducing "skills execution process variation" through Lean Six Sigma Activity Plan and;

    • Receives ProThink® Data AnalyticsPerformance Review Call every 6 weeks and regular video analysis for continuous improvement!

  • Shorter duration and multi-year packages are available. Do get in touch for a player-specific requirement!









Set Up

Direct Debit

for 12 months