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Benefits of ProThink® Mobile App

Psychologically Strong
Realistic Objectives
Improves Focus
on Tasks
Develops Clear Thinking
Strengthens Controllable Factors
Doesn't focus on
Uncontrollable Factors
Reduces Performance related Stress
Improves Emotional Re-boundability
Achieves Targets & Objectives

How ProThink® App Works?

18 Question Diagnostic & Report

Targets & Goal Setting

Action Plan Visual Journey

Daily Resilience Technique

Activity Calendar

We've Come a Long Way

  • ProThink® was conceptualised in 2014.

  • Sid Godbole, a former First Class Cricket Player, an Entrepreneur & Innovator developed ProThink® with experience of competitive sports, track record in performance transformation and research into sports psychology of self-motivation & goal realisation! 

  • Sid Godbole is a Level 2 Cricket Coach affiliated to England & Wales Cricket Board since 2014.

  • ProThink® methodology was first introduced through cricket coaching, transforming U-11 team performance and winning two back to back Middlesex U-11 Division Championships.

  • ProThink® has also been deployed in Corporate set-up to turn around individual & team performance and has delivered exceptional results on Product launches, Individual & Team Performance, Revenue, Profitability, Customer engagement and Market expansion.

  • ProThink® Consultancy is available in Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship.

  • With the credentials of 6 years, ProThink® app was launched in September 2020

  • ProThink® Sports at present is for Cricket players and Athletes / Long Distance Runners

  • Cricket Players - ProThink® Sports is ideal for players wanting to improve Mental Toughness in Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Wicket Keeping and All Rounding abilities.

  • Athletes - ProThink® Sports covers a wide range of athletes - from individuals getting back to fitness to individuals aiming for 6-12Km, 13 - 20Km, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Half Ironman and Full Ironman competitions. 

Our Team

Satchidanand Joshi


Channel Partner & Academic Consultant

  • Information Technology Consultant with over two decades in IT domain

  • Experiential Teaching Expert

  • Sportsman

  • Creative Writer

  • Champion of translating importance of process and structure to the field of sport in India

Sid Godbole


Founder, ProThink®

  • First Class / Ranji Trophy Cricket Player

  • Level 2 Cricket Coach since 2014

  • Senior Enterprise, Innovation and Performance Transformation executive in Sports, Engineering, BPO, Housing & Technology

  • Advocate for Mental Toughness and Resilience Improvement in Sports, Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship


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ProThink® App Demo for Cricket Players

ProThink® App Analytics Programme Demo - Cricket Academies & Coaches


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